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out of all the books in the Library, How come Bukowski books smell the worst?
Is it his adoring fans that like to read them over and over again and accidentally spilling a beer or two on them while picking their nose and ears through every page they turn.
or that occasional beer shit when they forget to move the book after they sat on it in all its stinkin glorious beauty
maybe its just the library I get my Bukowski books from, but i tell ya, they stink!!
I am reading "You get so Alone at times that it just makes Sense" and i though the repulsive smell was coming from my carpet or lounge chair. I accidently spilled my beer last week , just a little on my carpet but thought i cleaned it up well.... im a very clean person and sensitive to smells .. this smell lingers in the air and it reminds me of stale beer but even worse.. . So i have been sniffing my chairs and carpet everyday trying to find where the smell is coming from. IT was right in my hands the bloody Buk Book! Now Im trying to tear through the pages to finish it so I can return it as soon as possible. :p:DD
I moved to Glendale Public Library and Got out a couple Buk books. They don’t smell at all. I have never seen them before either!
The Captain is out to Lunch and the Sailors have taken over the ship. And to all the haters on this website....it’s true.. Buk said , the best readers and the humans are the ones who reward him with their Absence. Now just looking at the gravesite, at a distance, and when you really get down there it’s worse then boring. There is nothing startling or fresh. There is no gamble, there is no fire, no juice. It looks painful and beautiful.


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
I mostly have used copies and I noticed many have a cigarette smell and the occasional spill on them.

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