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Well not really, but found a writer that reminds me of him a little. Thailand Calling by Dana Aaron Mather. Check it out.

I live in Korea and recently saw Don't Try written on a tunnel wall. I wonder if they knew what they were writing.

Actually I always thought Don't Try was a little disingenuous coming from Bukowski. The guy was prolific. Not only did he write write everyday, but he sent poems to publishers almost everyday. He definitely tried.
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"Don't Try" was the title of one of his poems and he was cautioning young poets/beginners/dreamers to GO ALL THE WAY, prudence be damned. You know, carpe diem and all that. Don't just "try" to do it but actually DO it.


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Oh, Dana, I fear this isn't going to end well.

You can't go back in time and manage your entry differently, but for the benefit of the next 20 people who are going to try to promote their books here (because they think they "write like Bukowski"), let me provide some tips:

1) You don't "write like Bukowski." That's definitely not an angle you should try to work here. Wrong audience.
2) Don't lie to us.
3) Remember that you don't "write like Bukowski."
4) Start with something other than shilling. Participate. Show some interest in something other than yourself. Once you've done that you will find a receptive audience for your work.
5) Never forget that you don't "write like Bukowski."
6) This is a receptive audience, but also a brutally honest one, so if you have a thin skin, stay away. Stay far away. That, or be good at what you do. But also bear in mind that very few are good at what they do.
7) You will never "write like Bukowski."
You need a picture of yourself on the cover of the book, preferably holding a beer while showing off your awesome snake tattoo.


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... with a girl tied to a submarine and some lions and leopards leaping through the air (in the background).


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Well, I like to give the benefit of the doubt, so I read some of the sample.

While I might enjoy colorful, descriptive lines like, "the sun is a firey red ball sliding down the sky," overall I was left with the feeling that I had accidentally read part of a book intended for people who only read one book every three or four years. The kind of book they buy at the airport and read a few pages on the beach in Hawaii or Cozumel, then on the way back to the time share they throw it into a trash can because they feel bad and think it must mean that they really don't care for reading after all.

So yeah, not for me.

I didn't really care for you son's book either, Walkin' with the Beast.
Yes, I expected a rough time from the Bukowski crowd, but just trying to get some eyes on it. The book is available free for the next few days on Story Cartel. Of course it's not as good as Bukowski,but what is?


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I expected a rough time from the Bukowski crowd...
So it was a self-fulfilling prophesy. No shit.

Of course when you come in on a lie you get treated like an idiot. Big surprise there, yeah? Only an idiot would "suggest" their book as if they weren't the author.

If you worked the room with some savvy - and honesty - you'd get plenty of "eyes on" your book. But you kind of shot yourself in the foot.

But it's not a good book, so it's probably a moot point.

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