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I've seen some videos on youtube on hank locations...last home in San pedro,boyhood home in longwood eve. and his bungalow in longpre ave.
I wanna know if a family of hank living in this places now or if these locations become a museum.
Sorry for my english,thanks!
Families living in all three locations. Probably all tired of being visited! The bungalow was recently renovated.

I would suggest to anyone interested in visiting these places, that you will find more Bukowski in his books than a place that he once lived and that houses other people now.

So much has changed in Los Angeles that today you won't get a feel for Bukowski or where he lived at any of the apartments he lived in or places he frequented (or places that claim he frequented them). Carlton Way is gone, and the neighborhoods have changed quite a bit around the apartments and homes that are still there.

The Longwood house looks the same, but the freeway - which wasn't there in Bukowski's time - is so close you can hear it. You can't even see the house in San Pedro from the street, so all you'll get there is a great view of some shrubbery and a bunch of longshoremen's families looking at you through their curtains.

Los Angeles has a certain begrudging amount of respect for history, and the city was cajoled into making the DeLongpre apartment into a landmark (much to the chagrin of the owner, who had to put a fence around the place to keep hipsters at bay), but respecting history in one place here or there doesn't stop the surrounding area from changing, and this city is all about change.

Los Angeles isn't like an old European city where you can stand on the street in front of the house where Mozart was circumcised or Shakespeare was invented and still be surrounded by period buildings and streets and might be able to imagine what things must have been like. Can't do that here. Anywhere. That might seem like hyperbole, but I speak the truth. So help me L. Ron Hubbard.

I don't believe that visiting Los Angles today is going to give you any insight into Bukowski or the world he lived in. I know that some who have come here from far away lands would disagree, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Come to Los Angeles, by all means, it's the greatest city in the world (that's been proven and verified by science, look it up), just leave your expectations at the door and you'll have a good time.
I left town in 2005 and hollywood and downtown were still much different than when I got there in 89.
More about the places no longer there, mostly bars. When I first got to Los Angeles, I lived on Hollywood
Blvd. for a few years, and it was in its last seedy incarnation. The streets between Normandie and Highland
could be semi-dangerous, not like the East Village 70's and early 80's, but more like that than what's there
Absolutely the greatest city in the world! A quick Google search assured me that Randy's Donuts is still in existence, which I remember fondly from childhood, while Cal Worthington apparently has moved to the big car lot in the sky...


Just the other day I saw an old Cal Worthington commercial on one of the Los Angeles UHF stations (that we get via satellite now), so apparently they still run them. Which is kind of morbidly brilliant if you think about it.
Yeah, Cal was near Long Beach I think and had that little dog side-kick.
Not only a dog, but an elephant, tiger, rhino, etc...As a kid the ads would put me in orbit. I didn't realize at the time that the gigantic donut and Cal prove that LA has always been surrealistic, and even though nobody knows who Andre Breton was, L.A. got it down pat......
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What a character, and I never heard of him before.
He should be in the books next to Liberace, Michel Lotito, Monty Python gang and the likes. A true artist.
Cal... had that little dog side-kick.
Not only a dog, but an elephant, tiger, rhino, etc...
In fact (they say) "Spot" was never a dog, which makes the whole deal immensely hilarious.
It was a parody of a competitor, a car dealer called Chick Lambert who appeared in ads with "his dog Storm."

P.S. Cal Worthington was born in 1920 too. What a vintage year.
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In 1958 Bukowski briefly lived in the two story building at 3806 Beverly Blvd. (at the corner of Vermont) now occupied by several commercial firms including our Killradio station back when it was the Hotel Felix. We have decided to dedicate the studio to Charles Bukowski! The vintage building is relatively untouched and visitors can enter the building and take a look around inside. Killradio is located upstairs at the end of the hallway across from the washrooms so we fantasize that our studio might have housed Bukowski as it would be so convenient to the toilet!

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