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DUST #8, edited by Len Fulton (El Cerrito: Dust Books, 1966) First edition, stapled wrappers. Contributors include: Charles Bukowski (A FINE DAY AND THE WORLD LOOKS GOOD [collected in MOCKINGBIRD]), William Wantling, d.a. levy (CLEVELAND UNDERCOVERS #10). Sunning to spine, else Near Fine. $15

GRIST #9, edited by John E. Fowler and George Kimball (Lawrence: Abington Book Shop, 1966) First edition, stapled wrappers. Contributors include: Charles Bukowski (HOT [collected in MOCKINGBIRD], FIRE [collected in THE DAYS]), Allen Ginsberg, Tuli Kupferberg, d.a. levy ([untitled] "I AM MOVING..."), S. Clay Wilson, John Sinclair, Ken Irby, Gerard Malanga, Frank O'Hara, Ted Berrigan, Jerome Rothenberg, Erik Kiviat, Larry Eigner. Sunning and light staining to covers, else Near Fine. $25

MOONSTONES #2, edited by D.r. Wagner (Niagara Falls: Press Today Niagara, 1966) First edition, unbound (staples removed), mimeographed on multiple-colored sheets. Contributors include: Charles Bukowski (A MAN GETS TIRED [uncollected]), bp Nichol, Gene Fowler, Brown Miller, Douglas Blazek, Ray Bremser, Kent Taylor, d.a. levy (IRON CROSS OF THE SUN). Light foxing to cover with an creased corner, else Near Fine. $45

VAGABOND #10, edited by John Bennett (San Franciso: Vagabond Press, 1971) First edition, stapled sheets. Contributors include: Douglas Blazek, Charles Bukowski (FAT UPON THE LAND [uncollected]), d.a. levy (THIRD QUARTER), A.D. Winans, Lyn Lifshin, Hugh Fox. Light sunning and chipping to cover, else Near Fine. $20

THE WILLIE #1 (San Francisco: Manic Press, 1967) First edition, stapled sheets, 500 copies, cover by Brown Miller. Contributors include: Douglas Blazek, Gene Bloom, Charles Bukowski (THE KISS OFF [collected in BETTING], ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY SEVEN DEGREES [uncollected]), T.L. Kryss, Brown Miller, George Montgomery, Harold Norse, Steve Richmond, Kent Taylor, D.r. Wagner, William Wantling, d.a. levy (CLEVELAND UBER ALLES, THE BELLS OF THE CHEROKEE PONIES). Sunning to top edge of cover, else Near Fine. $25
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