Bukowski married a lawbreaking troublemaker (1 Viewer)


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Wow she was from Cambridge huh? Well a minor connection between Bukowski and my home state.

I guess I never realized hitchhiking was actually a crime either... Then again, I'm young and most people have stopped hitchhiking in America because of serial killers...
Nice find, mjp! So she was found guilty of hitchhiking and appealed. I wonder what happened at the appeal. The drug charge seems to have been dismissed.
I never knew hitchhiking was a crime. Perhaps it's because they hitchhiked at a turnpike?
$510 in bail for each of them, and then it ends with a $10 fine, which was appealed!
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In strictly legal terms, it might still be over here too. But what I was getting at was how, at that time, a typical newspaper report didn't bother to distinguish between types of illegal drugs (as I'm sure the police report furnished to the crime reporter didn't either).
Which leads me to ask a rather nosy question: Was Linda into anything harder than pot and booze in her life ? Sorry if I'm out of line here, it just piqued my curiosity...

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