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Meh. I ain't gonna deny them trying to make a buck and I collect stuff (prob too much stuff) also but...no thanks. Maybe a different quote. I'm wary of looking like, "Hey Man check me out. I am all about Bukowski." But then again, I'm insecure.
Anyone know if the poster in "Born into this" is for sale anywhere? (time sensitive link 04:00 min)

[No videos of things that are still for sale. The fact that YouTube doesn't care doesn't mean it's okay. - ed.]
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Yeah, I finally had to fold the darn shop, since it cost me more than brought in. It was also in the way of properly receiving social welfare aid, on which I depend for 2 years now.

Now I'm sitting on a huge stock of new/unread books (English and German), CDs, DVDs, shirts, posters and a couple of rarities.

If anyone knows a reseller (or similar) in Germany who's willing to pay a fair prize for bigger bundle (I sure won't give them away for only 2.- per book), let me know.