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Thanks for the welcome and also for the provided link! Have to say, I already found and read trough mjp's quite helpful essay. It is a shame what John did to Buk's original works. In my view this is absolutely unforgivable from a man who should have been much more grateful for Buk and for what he did for Black Sparrow.
Welcome horsewnonme, yeah, very bad and a lot of the changes seem so arbitrary at times and wholly unnecessary don't they? I mean beyond the unforgivable nature of the act itself.
Those who help you may not be your friends at all, regardless if it seems so. And this is what George taught us in the Bukowski realm, after all. I think Buk himself might have felt quite offended in case he would be able to see how his letters changed. Also, I wonder if Linda knows about this and if so why not stopped the whole publishing deal. Or, is she playing in the same team with George?
Wait a minute... If they print the unedited stuff I'll have to buy all those posthumous poetry collections once again. :eek:>:((:abge:
Right, of course. I was complaining only because it's in my nature.

Maybe J.M. will offer me a refund if I kindly present my case (tell him that I'm not a rich person and can't afford to buy the same books twice), anyway.
He always looked to me like a nice and generous person.
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Sorry fellas about the Georger bit... I still don't know how it came out.. :)

Great to hear it is now a different cat editing these new issues. I guess we have to wait to see with what results but its nevertheless promising after all.

I'm not sure when (if?) they (a series of "themed" poetry collections, three or four volumes) are coming out though. They were originally scheduled to be out late last year and early this year, but obviously that didn't happen.

That was the last I heard, but that was some time ago. Abel is definitely the editor though.

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