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So hey.

I decided to join this site because i have recently found the poet that is Bukowski. I don't know where he has been all my life and why none of my english teachers have mentioned him before.

Anyways I stumbled across him because of an assignment where we had to discuss the legacy of a dead poet and i just picked the first poet i found on poemhunter.com.

But instead of forgetting the poet (like I did with many previous assignments), I seriously like fell in love with Bukowski and his style of writing and what he wrote. I can see why that girl did what she did in 'My Groupie' hehe :DD.

So anyways just wanted to introduce myself and confess my new found love for Bukowski..
I can't wait to read his books and the rest of his material. :)

Dksa1 xx
Thanks. I've read some of his poems. But I've only very recently found him, so I haven't read any of his books yet. But I can't wait to, the first chance I get, I'll definitely get my hands on a copy. I want to read Ham On Rye first, because from what I've read, that is like his most famous publication?

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