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Not great Jeopardy players there, since most of the Bukowski answers were guessable based on the clues.
I grew up under the lamps! And how did you know I played with Tony Cocktail? I never told anyone...

Damn though, a La-Z-Boy sounds really nice right about now. Does that mean I'm over the hill? Do people still say that? Probably only those who are over the hill.
i'm impressed they even got 2 answers right!

edit - why am i disturbed that bukowski got a whole category in jeopardy?

it's too mainstream for him...
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If your religion prohibits the use of media players/YouTube (or you're just plain lazy to watch the video), here are the Bukowski questions:

In the 1950s Charles Bukowski worked sorting mail in one of these, the title of his 1971 novel.

From 1978's "Women": "A man gets paranoid when he has 300" of these after-drinking episodes "a year."

"We're all of us going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us" this "each other but it doesn't."

Bukowski wrote the screenplay for this boozy 1987 film starring Mickey Rourke as Bukowski's alter ego.

Bukowski's first published work was the 1944 story "Aftermath of a lengthy" this kind of "slip" -- he'd gotten his share.
I guess we are all the vanguard of some mainstream American juggernaut.
Someday Buk is going to be the new Walt Whitman. Maybe they will name that Long Beach-San Pedro bridge after him.
It is the second time that Bukowski is mentioned on Jeopardy. I had heard one question before on the subject of american poets, not a whole category.
It is the second time that Bukowski is mentioned on Jeopardy.

You're right, BlackS.
That was on Jan 20, 2009. We've talked about it here.

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