Bukowski on outlaw (1 Viewer)

Bukowski said that he didn't like father and mother boys. Is that mean that he liked outlaw guys? I heard that he liked some gangster when he was younger?
When he was street man did he stole or something like that?
In his book he wrote that in that room he was with his friends with guns
and bombs,and in other room was unhappy people too,but bukowski
and his friends at least had guns and bombs,that he wrote.

"Bukowski locked in arms of crazy life" i saw that Bukowski liked some gangster that was his idol in early ages...
and in one book Bukowski wrote that he liked street boys,and guys that didn't respect law.

Also in one book he wrote that when he was younger he was thinking to be idiot,bank robber,or something i third i cannot remeber...

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