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Was in L.A. last week and got the idea to start a campaign, which I do now:

Let's have Bukowski a Star on the Walk of Fame right by Musso & Frank's!
(there are several still available around the place, I'd prefer this one just across the street.)


Any comments?
Damn, I remember reading in the 80's that those stars cost $3000. They seem to have appreciated in value more than a copy of The Genius of the Crowd. ;) Maybe now that they are clearing out the homeless teenagers, transvestites and junkies the real sidewalk estate is more precious. That must be it.
I would gladly contribute but think that the only category that he fits in is Posthumous and as he is known for writing more than movies,it would be tough to get the committe to agree that he should be there, I think...

I don't know how tough it would be...maybe they have become more stringent, but the article I read way back when kind of suggested that anyone with three grand and a publicist could get a star. Oh, and they want to be assured that the recipient will show up, though I suppose that's not a strict requirement.

They could certainly be assured of a crowd, I would think, if they laid down a Bukowski star, and that's what they are looking for. A crowd and a publicity event. The Hollywood chamber of commerce is behind the stars...
But we all know deep down that it won't.

do we?

- - - - - - - - - -

the categories could be any of all five:

- Motion Pictures:
he was acting in Barfly, right?

- Television:
he had some remarkable appearences (see youtube)

- Radio:
the Pacifica Radio Archives have broadcasted his first known recordings

- Live Theatre/performance:
now THAT would really make His category! I only say Hostage. Then I say Hamburg, Germany. Then San Francisco. Then ...

- Recording:
see above.
Money is the bottom line. There are a few sources of Charles Bukowski fans
that may, collectively, have that amount of dough.

Certainly he's earned a star for all categories.

Details on the procedure may be found by clicking H E R E
If I had a bar, I'd have a star built for a few hundred bucks and put it in the floor in the middle of the bar. Of course, they probably own some sort of copyright on the star idea and I would probably be sued, but $25,000 is crazy. I guess that the thought is that if you are a big enough "star" then the money is pocket change.

Good idea Bill, for 25,000 you've got the down payment for the bar, we can get an amateur metal worker to cast the damn star, someone could do it for their final project in some art school I'd bet.
It makes one wonder, how many BSP signed, limited edition Buk books, donated by his fans for a single auction, would be needed to raise that $25K. I'm guessing about 66 books. What's your guess and would you be a donor?

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