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Spank me if this has been mentioned already but I hear that
Tom Waits is using a Bukowski text on his new album, to be released
late November.
Anyone who knows more about this?
What text is it?


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i don't know but it sounds interesting. i like LOVE most of what waits has done but BUT there again just saw him recite b's poem the laughing heart on youtube and thought it horrible! maybe someone was holding a gun to his head off-camera? that could be it. i hope so. linda b.'s rendering of the same was compelling, and she just read it...
I've already mentioned this on another post, but Johnny Brewton of X-Ray Press did the art direction and design for the new Tom Waits CD cover. It't a 3 CD set career retrospective. Here's a preview of what it looks like. Bravo for Johnny.



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I just heard the track. It's called Nirvana and Waits reads the poem -in an almost Bukowskian manner- to a very quiet musical background. No guitar or drums, just an organ, I think.
Yeah, I heard the Nirvana track as well now, I really liked it. Great stuff. And the whole 3-CD thing is very good. Haven't got the cover though, now that Johnny has made it it's probably something special.

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Ok I saw an interview with Tom Wait about his new album. I think he said he grew up in Silver Lake??? Anyway....out there ( is near Tahoe if I am correct)
And mentioned how he felt he had a huge connection with Buk because of his dad and how his dad would drink in the bars.....started reading Buks poetry and he felt like he had more of a connection with his dad, and also wanted to break out. Now I don't remember Buk going to bars? or being extremely social?
so its kind of like- is he grasping or is it real?

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Bukowski wrote a great deal about his life in the bars, mostly during the 40s and 50s.

Certainly in later life he frequented bars less and less.

But in his 20s and 30s, really until he started at the Post Office, he seems to have spent a great deal of time in bars.

I think the interview you refer to is actually part of Born Into This. Waits talks there about those things.

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