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In Septuagenarian Stew, there is a short story untitled A bad night (I retranslate it from a french translation, so perhaps it's not the good title), where a guy named Monty resorts to a phone sex operator and then to a prostitute. In the middle of this setting, Buk happened to place a paragraph devoted to Woody Allen. I didn't expect at all to read one day Buk expressing himself on this filmmaker, not even imagined him having watched one Woody Allen movie. Anyway, that's the most accurate and the wittiest depiction of Woody Allen's films I've ever read. Hank will never stop surprising me. :)
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I haven't read Septuagenarian Stew yet. But I quite like Woody Allen. Aside from being funny, was it praise or criticism of Allen from Buk?

That default pic is a really good movie by the way. I like when Bruno Ganz hops away from the consecrated host crumbs at the end, after the maid sweeps them up.
Excerpt from BAD NIGHT

"What kind of girl do you want?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, we got fat, thin, mature, young, sane, crazy, oriental, black,
white, red, yellow, you name it. We got a girl with one leg
if that's what you desire. What do you want?"
"Just send me the most beautiful one."
"Yeah? Well, that's easy. That's Carmen."
"All right. Send Carmen."
The man took down the location of Monty's apartment.
"O.K.," he said, "Carmen's on the way..."
Somehow the situation made Monty nervous. He should have gone to
the baseball game. Or maybe there was a Woody Allen movie playing.
Woody always had trouble with his women. But all his women were
beautiful and intelligent and they always had time for long walks in the
park and things like that. And Woody always had a nice paying job and
when there was trouble with one beautiful and intelligent woman he just
went to the phone and phoned up another beautiful and intelligent woman.
Millions of men wished they had Woody Allen's troubles with women.
It didn't seem any time at all before there was a knock on Monty's door.
He opened it. A short heavy-set woman dressed in black and wearing flatheeled
shoes stood there. Her hair was clipped short and she didn't wear
makeup. She looked like a jailer in a women's prison. An easy brutality
rested on her face like a second skin.
"Hi! I'm Carmen! Dream Girl Delivery Service."
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hmmm interesting. maybe allen's movies reflects his own reality. maybe he isnt someone who had problems attracting women. and if you llok at his earlier films like BANANAS and SLEEPER he played geeky losers.

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