Bukowski original drawings from LA Free Press

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  1. Read Ink Books in LA is selling a bunch of original Bukowski ink drawings that ran in the LA Free Press for between $700 and $1200. That's not chump change, but it's not bad for standalone Bukowski originals (considering an oil painting at the last PBA auction sold for $10K). Provenance is sound - these are the real deal. I have no relationship with the seller or anything - the drawings just caught me by surprise (I saw them at the SF Antiquarian Book Fair) and I thought you guys would be interested.

    I didn't see pictures on his website, but the seller's email is hprouty@LABridge.com, and I'm sure he'd send you images if you were curious. I'll scan the prospectus he gave me at some point too.
  2. d gray

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    that sounds like a good price for published drawings.

    i'd love to see them.
  3. Second that. (Sorry; +1 is so Internet cliche.)
  4. These are fantastic! Thank you for posting them.
  5. d gray

    d gray tried to do his best but could not First 9 Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    total fakes! whoops, wrong thread.

    great stuff, thanks.
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  7. David, hanksolo, you guys rock!
  8. Very cool!
  9. I only just noticed this thread but those are great.
    "There were no facials" :agb:
  10. I'm curious, what these have brought the seller in the end.
    What would you think is a realistic prize?

    I'd assume, since they were unknown for decades and are all from one series (more or less), the prize would be higher than the sum of single drawings, right? Is something around 15,000.- realistic?
  11. I'd say they are worth that much money. Note the white out and blue pencil on some drawings -- printer stuff from long ago. Does anyone still use those, or is it all digital/photoshop now?
  12. He's selling them individually though. Seems to me it would have been a lot more difficult to find a buyer for them as a set.
    Printing was one of the first industries to embrace digital imaging. It happened 25+ years ago, long before this world wide web invaded our consciousness. It was a great way to increase productivity and make more money. For a few years.

    Then it became one of the first industries to be killed off by the technology that made it more efficient. When it became possible for anyone to print their own business cards, letterheads and envelopes, thousands of shops that depended on those kinds of small jobs disappeared virtually overnight. Printing was the canary in the digital coal mine.

    So the answer is, no, no one marks up originals with non-repro pencils and sticks them into big line cameras to make negatives anymore. Not here, anyway. I'm sure all that equipment is still in use in less prosperous and progressive countries.
  13. Thanks for the update, mjp. The last time I dealt with a printer, I had to twist his arm to get him to use my "camera ready copy". He wanted me to scan my original and email it to him. I guess I'm lucky he didn't charge me extra. But then, I live in a small city in a backwoods state, where we still have print shops and they are hungry for business. No doubt if I tried that in L.A., I'd be run out of the place.
  14. This was posted as a recent acquisition on a book dealer’s facebook page, saying it’s the original drawing that accompanied the Notes column for Nov 9-15, 1973 in the LA Free Press. Not sure if it comes from the same source as the ones posted above, but I don't suppose there can be too many of these floating around.

    Buk LA Free Press Nov 9-15, 1973.jpg
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