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I'm no Bukowski expert, but I'm a longtime fan, who has read all the novels and many stories and poems. I've also written a bit about him. I did about an hour-long podcast that has some anecdotes about, and meditations on, the great Bukowski. Here's a link to the podcast. Thanks!

After the half hour it takes to get to Bukowski, it's more or less just a list of the Bukowski books you've read, or you're reading the first pages of those books, so I'm not sure I'd recommend this to anyone. I'd hazard a guess that everyone reading this has read (much) more of Bukowski's work than you have, so I'm not sure anyone would glean anything from it.

One thing I have to comment on though: when you said that you felt that you kind of understood the life Bukowski wrote about because you lived in the "student area" around a university, and you students didn't have very much money and the bars you went to were kind of run down...I would just like to point out is that the "student area" of a city or town is not equivalent to the legitimately poor parts of town, or its skid row.

I find it almost impossible to believe that anyone would would actually say that, or even suggest it, much less believe it. It's one of the most tone deaf things I've ever heard, and it should tell anyone who is considering listening to this all they need to know about the author. Or talker, or presenter, or whatever you call someone who puts out a podcast.

Other than that, Hi. Welcome to the forum.

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