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Hello. Im a graphic designer and I want to make a poem calendar with bukowski poems inside for year 2013. Every month will be one poem, so now I would like to ask you, if you can help me to choose the poems.
Now Im sure just with thesee ones:

Dinosauria, We
Yes, Yes

So maybe you can recommend me some more. I didnt read all of his poems, but from one book I just pick these ones.

thank you for help.
Not wishing to rain on your parade, but have you already been in touch with ecco regarding the necessary rights?

Ecco Books​
HarperCollins Publishers​
10 East 53rd Street​
New York,​
NY 10022​

Email: [email protected]
Phone: [00 1] 212-207-7000
Fax: [00 1] 212-207-7901
Twitter: @HarperCollins
Yeah but this is non profit personal project, so I dont need the rights I guess.
But I will write them anyway. thanks for comment.
Yes, money or no money, you need rights. If you are just doing one copy for yourself then that is not a problem, but if you make 10 and give them away and Ecco finds out, they can sue you and take everything that you own and will ever own.

I hope that you get the rights, but want to make sure that you know that without rights, you are walking a dangerous line...


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