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here's a piece on artist Mike Stilkey from The New Yorker.

click the link. halfway down is the Buk portrait.
I'm pretty sure that Mike Stilkey was at the Bukowski Festival that Linda King's son put on earlier this year in LA. His art was showing there along with Matt Sesow's. I think I saw that Bukowski piece there, but I didn't recognize that it was supposed to be Buk until now. I like his stuff, though.
there's a little slide show on that link above the Buk portrait.
his work is pretty interesting.
it is an interesting idea with the spines and the backcover.
but you all are right: it isn't Buk.
(his forehead is Nick Cave, btw.)
Probably the only time anything related to the New Yorker will have "Fecal Face" on it... Good stuff. And a very cool idea, but... I've gotta agree. Doesn't look a whole lot like Bukowski.
It doesn't look like Buk, no. But what's wrong with artistic liberty? It's either his interpretation on Buk, or he just sucks at copying (but who wants to copy?). I like the idea. I had a similar idea with window glass that never took off because I never did it.

And the New Yorker never publishes my shit, so I'm quite biased towards not liking them and that little man-icon-drawing they have on their site. He makes me angry.

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