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Bukowski Postage Stamp - Legit (1 Viewer)



Got a letter from an American bookseller the other day and it has a Buk stamp on it. 41 cents. A photograph of him at his wedding, wearing his bride's hat and dancing the "washing-machine" (a side-to-side movement of great hilarity).

The top of the stamp states "YourStamps.com". The bottom has "Pitney Bowes" and a number on it. I remember Pitney Bowes beacuse I used to use one of their machines at a previous lower low-grade job.

WTF? Can anyone print any kind of stamp they want now?

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It is what it is
Michael Sherrick right?

Yeah. You submit a graphic and they will make stamps for you.
(They being the USPS).
We have had similar services here in Oz.


I have some of them here, exactly as you describe. They were a gift from a friend and were slipped past the USPS. They do not allow of any fame, just family members, etc, so this person had a bunch made up when he was able to slip them through. I'll try to scan them, but they are 100% legit...



Anyone can order these from the US Post Office as long as you can trick them into not knowing that it is someone famous. They have a problem with famous people because of copyright and good taste. They want family photos of the kids with grampa. Would the US Post Office want to put out a stamp of Charles Manson? Nope. Now if you were a Charles Manson "fan" (that sounds odd), you would have to find a photo of him that looks like it is a normal family photo and he would have to be not recognigable to them. then you pay roughly twice the face value and you have a sheet of stamps!

That is how it is done.



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Someone had a web site a while back showing all the serial killer stamps they had made through that service. I think it was shortly after that the post office decided to limit what kind of images could be used.

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Post Office

Anyone can order these from the US Post Office as long as you can trick them into not knowing that it is someone famous.


Might be fun...


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Oh, I like your site better...

I almost ordered some of these as a goof until I saw that $8.20 worth of stamps would set you back $18.99 (on both sites)!


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