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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Purple Glow Press offers 10 sets of 2 signed postcards from the
Joceyne Desforges oil paintings inspired by photographs of
Charles Bukowski.


Send an e-mail (your name and address) to [email protected]
and w'll send you the postcards as soon as possible.
That's very nice of you guys. You've got mail! :)
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Guess I'm too late, but I think I have the cards already, in Bukscene #1. I could get up and check but, I'd have to walk across the room you know. I'll look later. Anyway, thanks for the generous offer.
Thank you Ponder. It was nice to get your avatar as a postcard. You can't leave that around for the kids to find.
I should make a postcard out of the corgi.


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