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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Purple Glow Press offers 10 sets of 2 signed postcards from the
Joceyne Desforges oil paintings inspired by photographs of
Charles Bukowski.


Send an e-mail (your name and address) to [email protected]
and w'll send you the postcards as soon as possible.


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That's very nice of you guys. You've got mail! :)
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Guess I'm too late, but I think I have the cards already, in Bukscene #1. I could get up and check but, I'd have to walk across the room you know. I'll look later. Anyway, thanks for the generous offer.

Gerard K H Love

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Thank you Ponder. It was nice to get your avatar as a postcard. You can't leave that around for the kids to find.
I should make a postcard out of the corgi.


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