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Hey all,

My friend and I are working on a research/analysis project of Buk and one of his poems. However, our teacher told us to pick a poem that is "big and iconic", and we can't seem to find any poems by Buk that really fit this mold. There aren't any poems that are talked about too frequently anywhere but here, so we were wondering if anyone had ideas of poems we could do, and some critical info on these poems. That would be awesome!


i'd suggest "i didn't want to" in dangling in the tournefortia. it's kind of a manifesto of sorts. also, you may want to pick up a copy of harrison's book (against the american dream) on abebooks (there are a ton of them for fairly cheap) and see which ones he really goes after as being iconic bukowski poems, and then add your own spin to it.
Thanks for the advice! I'd be happy to get "Against the American Dream" but the project is due too soon for the book to ship to me.

Also, if you could post a copy of "I Didn't Want To" that would be awesome.

That Harrison book sounds awesome, if only they had a copy within driving distance...
there are many "iconic" poems in The Roominghouse Madrigals. I think to recall Harrison used the poem "Sparks" (and others) to prove his thesis.
if you could post a copy of "I Didn't Want To" that would be awesome.
I would have liked to post that poem for you, but it's four pages with long sentenses and that's too much with my 2-finger typing system...:)
Why don't you go into the manuscripts page here. I'm sure you'll find some "iconic" poems...
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I'll suggest Horse Meat* - treated as one continuous piece.
There's enough in there to keep you typing for some time.

(* from War all the time)

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