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Hi guys, i'm new here, i signed up because i am involved with a Bukowski project and thought this might be a place to find interested folks. Hope you don't see this as spam, it's a for-fans-by-fans kind of thing. Basically we are posing the question: If it were possible to contact Bukowski today, what would you ask him? Here is a link to the page where you can see things in more detail if you're interested. Thanks, S


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i just saw this on the Home page here. This is just how this project started :)
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The resilience of the human psyche is a magnificent thing to behold. The deaf, dumb and blind insistence that if our talents or wonderfully creative ideas are rejected, it's the rest of the world that is wrong. Our creativity stands, sacred and unassailable. I love that. And I love all of the inspirational .jpgs that make the Internet so marvelous, because they remind me that everyone is special and extraordinary and creative. Don't ever lose that knowledge, Sonny. Hold fast. Take it with you to your grave, brother. Don't let these nattering nabobs of negativism drag you down. You are somebody, and your ideas and talents and creativity are important!

Which reminds me, American Idol is starting up again tonight. I love that too. Human resilience and perseverance writ large, almost Shakespearean in its scope, reminiscent of the parables and teachings of our infallible and irrefutable Holy Bible! Jesus didn't give up, and neither should you!

Well, Jesus did give up, ultimately, but you get the point.



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Ever notice how you never see Tom Waits and Shia LaBeouf in the same room?

I was under the impression that Dorothy Parker wrote/said that first anyway, but it's hard to verify any quote like that on the Internet. It's attributed to everyone.

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