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I think for anyone who cares about that duplication the page that orders the releases by recording date does the trick. But I suppose there's some value in knowing which tracks might be duplications. It would have to be based on the source though, the recording dates.

I don't want to say something like Bukowski Reads His Poetry is taken from At Terror Street And Agony Way because I'm pretty sure it isn't. They share the same source, but one isn't taken from the other, if you see what I mean.
Right, the the page that orders the releases by recording date indeed does the trick. Sorry, I had´nt noticed that page. :oops:
True, "Bukowski Reads His Poetry" probably was´nt taken from "At Terror Street And Agony Way", but from the original tape, or a from a copy of the original tape. I think the recording date page with all the releases have it all. It clearly mentions which CD (and other media) titles contains the same material and which CDs are double CDs and that's the information I thought should be there so that's just great. Thanks! :)
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Officials say drugs may have played a part
I stumbled on this by accident while looking for uncollected poems.

Has anyone noticed that a lot (maybe a majority) of the poems Bukowski gave at readings were not in Black Sparrow books at the time?

I have not clicked through all the poems in the Recordings list, but I have done some random samples to try and confirm this and it seems to be the case.

If it is true, any theories as to why?


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I imagine he wanted to read things that were fresh to him, so they hadn't had time to show up in books yet.

On a side note, I finally listened to the Beat Scene flexi-disc (thanks @Jason), and it's just two tracks from the Hamburg reading, not, as I had previously listed, a home reading done for Beat Scene. Not sure who told me, or where I read that it was a home recording, but there you go, it's correct now.

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Looking at the timeline and how many readings he did in the 1970s, I can't believe there are not bootleg recordings out there from those non-documented readings.

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
By "non-documented" I meant readings where a commercially released record was never made of the reading. (I know, bad way to say it).

I would just think that at most of those readings there was at least one geek with a tape recorder, but there seems to be very few recordings available out there.


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Yeah, I picked up on what you meant. I just always assumed that we only had a fraction of the readings on the timeline and now that I look at the date on that quote (early 1974) that could still be the case.

I'm surprised too that more recordings haven't surfaced. I assume someone was always taping. But it isn't easy for the average Joanne to get something from tape to computer, so maybe it's not so surprising.

It's also funny that we don't see more of them on eBay.
if anyone has any tapes they need digitized, i can do it. i'm currently scouting eBay for bootlegs or recordings that aren't going to break my bank as well as haven't been released over and over and over again.
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