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hey guys. i was going through my vinyl and rediscovered a record i bought on ebay years ago. anyone have any info on it other than what fogel says(which is all i know about it): "Poetry-charles bukowski"1968 produced by steve richmond; buk reads 5 poems; never distributed commercially $750

etched into the vinyl on the inner edge is, on one side, "4-2-68 bukowski", and the other "richmond 4-15".

if you can see it, on the back is a hand written track list. any info would be much appreciated.....

I saw one sell on ebay a few years ago for many hundreds of dollars. It was well over $500, if I remember correctly. This is a very rare one. I think that less than 20 were made...

I'd like to hear it, both sides. I've never heard Richmond read. In fact, I've never heard of him having given a reading.
"Cold Turkey Press"
"Charles Bukowski and Steve Richmond"-rare LP


I think Cold Turkey Press published and translated Bukowski first in 1969.
That's quite early...

I read somewhere that Buk wrote them a letter back and was happy he was translated in Dutch.
Need to find that letter... and the first Dutch publication.
I think the Cold Turkey record is Cold Turkey Press / Klacto Present: 'A Cold Turkey Press Special', which included 'A Report Upon The Consumption Of Myself' and 'Something For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks and You' - both of which appear on the Poems and Insults CD from Grey Matter. 'Something for...' is also on the 12 Great Americans CD.
I was thinking the same thing, but it looks like other titles handwritten on that LP cover...
Ah, right, the 12 great Americans cd.

The archives of the Cold Turkey Press are sold in 2006 to the university of Michigan, (Labadie collection.)
I was thinking the same thing, but it looks like other titles handwritten on that LP cover...

I didn't mean to say that the Bukowski / Richmond LP was the same as the Cold Turkey Press Special.
Apologies if I have missed a post but what is the history behind these statements or is the writer bearing a grudge-seems to like Pleasants though-quite the smile going

No one listened but Bukowski. They wrote to each other like lovers. .Like father and son. There are more than 150 letters between Richmond and Bukowski, mostly written in the mid 1960s. You'll never read them. .They've been censored out of existence by Bukowski Inc. The Richmond/Bukowski letters are bad for business. Bad for the Bukowski business. Bad for the rare books trade.

Ask the boys and girls who make the noise what really happened to Richmond/ Bukowski correspondence. Say the rare book & manuscript market in L.A. Maybe David Zeidberg of the Huntington knows. Or Victoria Steele at UCLA. They once worked together, decades ago. Ask why they never speak to each other. Why they dance around the rare book market leaving Richmond's erotic demons on the shelf. It's possible they don't even know. The king and queen of the rare book market in L.A.
Buk and Richmond had a break-up. (as Buk had with many of his friends at some point.)

still, whatever Pleasants writes about this will always be shadowed by his own break-up with Buk. (and by the way: reading his 'Visceral'-book you'll realize, that he didn't understand Richmond either.) the pink gnome is just bitter, that's all.

whoever i'd ask about this break-up, i wouldn't ever chose Un-Pleasants.

maybe cirerita has read the letters.
When Steve Richmond moved out of his pad on Hollister in Santa Monica, he threw EVERYTHING away, books, letters, even Wormwood Reviews. The only thing I think he kept was his OWN archives and his Gagaku recordings. He is, last I heard, on a "Bukowski Sabbatical" (that was only broken for Sounes of course). When I brought him up to Hank and Linda in 1990, they said nice things about Steve and both worried aloud (quite parentally) about his use of hard drugs.
Wow, that's hardcore. I would have liked to have gone through Steve's trash cans that day. Glad to hear that he kept his own writings and the Gagaku records.
i was just thumbing through the simon finch catalog(the auction house that sold off the montfort collection) from 2002 and found the buk/richmond lp in it. i guess i never noticed it before. description as follows: RARE RECORDING, INSCRIBED BY RICHMOND with an explanatory note: "this record pressed in early 1968 in an only edition of 100 copies by earth books + gallery." it was selling/sold for 700 pounds! i know the exchange rate is quite different today, but still....

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