Bukowski 'Some Poeple Never Go Crazy' Poetry Competition (1 Viewer)

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Till September 1st poets from all over the world can submit their 'Some People Never Go Crazy' poem for the five days poetry festival LA Poetry Beach Festival 2022 from September 21 till September 25.

Day 1-3 (September 21-25) 2nd Poetry Train
This poetry festival starts each year in New York with the Poetry Train. This year the Poetry Train will depart on Wednesday September 21st at 6.45 am (sunrise) from New York and in just 76 hours i.e. 3 days, it will arrive at Saturday, September 24th in poetry paradise Los Angeles. Poets can hop on the coast to coast Poetry Train in 64 big urban cities and small rural towns in 20 different states.

Day 4 (September 24) L.A.P.D.
A few hours after the Poetry Train arrives at Union Station, Los Angeles we organise tiny L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Poetry Downtown) Poetry Readings in all kind of bookstore, libraries, museums, bars in Greater LA. Poets on the Poetry Train, selected LA Poetry Beach Festival poets and Local poets will give 60 minutes reading in ao:
- Union Station
- Chevalier's Bookstore
- Griffith Park Observatory
- Hotel Erwin
- Venice Beach Poets Monument
At this moment we are also talking with the Santa Anita Race Track, the bars Silver Platter and Frank 'n Hank to have readings in those places too.

Day 5 (September 25) 2nd L.A. Poetry Beach Festival
At Sunday we organise the final event L.A. Poetry Beach Festival in front of the Venice Beach Poet's Monument. At this event selected poets will read their work and poetry fans can visit reading, lectures and workshops.

Some People Never Go Crazy
To get selected poets have to register their ‘Some people never go crazy’ poem before September 1st via www.lapoetrybeach.com
Hi guys,

Tomorrow 9/15 is your last change to send us your 'Some People Never Go Crazy' poem. Go to www.lapoetrybeach.com and send us your poem.
If you are selected you will be invited for our festival and your poem will be printed in our 2nd LA Poetry Beach Festival anthology.

In green you can see from which states we got poems. The Poetry Train stops also in Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa and Colorado. We hope to get poems from those states too.
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We got today Maryland and Virginia in. Wow. I am so happy. If we can get Missouri, Kentucky or Ohio in. Then we can connect America from east to west coast.

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