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On eBay now Bukowski - Song for this Softly-Sweeping Sorrow

Discussion in 'Buy/sell/trade, want lists, eBay' started by bospress.net, Aug 11, 2017.






    Designed and Printed Letterpress by Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke Press, North Salem, New York, 2017.

    10-3/4" x 7-1/2" (27.3 x 19.1 cm)

    Printed on duplexed card stock using two processes - The frame is Riso printed on a Heidelberg Windmill in red and black using rubber-based inks.

    All materials are acid-free and archival.

    Limited to an edition of 200 total copies.

    Two versions are available:

    - 150 Regular Copies: White Card Stock front printed in gold, red and black. Black card stock rear printed in gold. $14.95

    - 50 Deluxe Copies: Black Card Stock front printed in gold with affixed white poem card printed on white card stock. White card stock rear printed in gold. $29.95

    Distributed exclusively by Water Row Books.

    Books can be ordered through eBay, Amazon, abe, or by emailing Water Row directly at Waterrow@aol.com. I am not selling these directly. All sales go through the distributor.

  2. Hi - Thanks for posting this new broadside Bill! - Correction: It is not available on amazon but you can order it from me on eBay or at my eBay store (www.waterrowbooks.com), Abe.com, or directly from me at waterrow@aol.com. The prices are slightly higher on abe.com because they charge a huge commission. eBay or direct from me will get you the prices Bill has listed above. The 50 Deluxe Copies are going quickly.
    Many thanks -
    Jeffrey Weinberg
    Water Row Books
    PS: Lots of other Buk items available in my eBay store from around the world!
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  3. Pogue Mahone

    Pogue Mahone Officials say drugs may have played a part Redwood Original

    Ordered mine yesterday, thanks Bill and Jeffrey!
  4. Hung mine in my music room:


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