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Bukowski Square - That's great. Soon everybody will call the area, Bukowski Square! Next, you'll have a group of people demanding that the name should be officially recognized, with street signs and everything...:D
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Good luck. Things are starting to happen in LA. Bus tours, landmark status, and now a square.

If Kerouac can have an alley in SF, Buk can have a square, or a street, or a 'playground' in LA.
There will be a street in Andernach named after him. The city has already agreed on it.
Dunno how many years it'll take them to make it true, but it sure will come.
I'm planning to visit Andernach in may. Didn't speak German for ages...
Rauchende colte, Colditz, Derrick...And Rudi Carrell of course.
oh, yeah - 1970s German TV. So, THAT's where you got your language skills from, eh? Seems they did a good job teaching you.

to help you find his house of birth - according to google-earth it's
50°26'2.03"N / 7°24'4.88"E

that's Aktienstrasse 1 (about a 5 min walk from the station).
Yes, German tv has taught me more then taking German classes for 4 years in high school.
I forgot Tatort. The episode with Natasja Kinski (daugher of Klaus) is legendary.
Thanks for the info on Buk's house of birth.

Ok, back to the topic.
I became an expert on Germanic culture thanks to

bavarian pretzels
the word NEIN !
and Michael Schenker guitar solos.
Henry Charles Bukowski Memorial Love Shack

We still love you, Father Luke- You f**king know it all. I know you are busy right now, vomitting before you go on stage.;)

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