Bukowski-Symposium 2011 (1 Viewer)

Who, What, When, Where?

- The Charles-Bukowski-Society
- The Symposium 2011
- Friday 19th till Sunday 21st of August
- Andernach

We haven't finished the program yet.
- There will be an address by one of our members about Hank's conception of poetry. (Most likely nothing new to a true Buk-nut like you.)
- Then there should be a French scholar (Not Ambreen!), who's been working in our archives in Germany for half a year now with a stipend for her PhD.
- If luck suits us, we'll get a skin-expert, Dr. F.A.Bahmer, the former head of the dermatological hospital in Bremen, to talk about Hank's skin-problems
- I will give an address about certain changes in Bukowski's work
- if we can't get Bahmer, we'll have to look for something else

The Saturday evening-event will be a kind of Bukowski-Slam with open mic this time

So, this year we'll be less glamorous than the two years before. One of the main reasons is the former leader of Andernach's cultural department, Ferdinand Argenton, who was the person coordinationg the events in the city, is now lying in bed with a strong case of multiple sclerosis and his successor is not as helpful for our concerns so far. Still it will be a nice event and bring a lot of fun to the attendants, I hope.

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