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The Charles-Bukowski-Society is proud to announce:
The BUKOWSKI-Symposium 2009
in Buk's birthtown Andernach (Germany)
Fri, 07th - Sun, 09th August

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arriving, drinking, talking easy, getting to know each other, etc.

10:00 Opening by the city major
10:30 Address by David Calonne (thereafter: open for questions by the audience)
12:00 lunch-break
13:30 Address by Abel Debritto (thereafter: open for questions by the audience)
15:00 Address by Jan Hallers and Jocelyne Desforges (thereafter: open for questions by the audience)
18:00 public hearing: Building a literary memorial/museum in Bukowski's house-of-birth (to attend: deciders from the city including the major and the leader of the culture-department, the press, possible sponsors and the general public)
21:00 Evening-event: Bukowski-reading by Kersten Flenter and Harald Goldhahn (which will take place in a bar, where we can sit and drink and talk easy before, after and inbetween.)

10:00 Members-meeting of the Bukowski-Society (internal stuff like electing a new board etc.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Our speakers:

editor of 'Sunlight here I am' and 'Portions of a wine-stained notebook'

has just finished his dissertation about Bukowski and dug through thousands of pages of unknown correspondence and manuscripts.

has - together with JOCELYNE DESFORGES - started the new international magazine 'Buk-Scene'

evening program:

has several live-programs, one of which deals specifically with Bukowski

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The details aren't fixed yet. Especially the exact hours/ times of the addresses may vary.

The addresses will all be held in English.
The open-hearing about the memorial in Buk's house-of-birth will be in German, (but English speakers are invited to ask questions at it, which I will try to answer as good as possible then).
The evening-program will be in German.

If you'd like to attend as guests, we ask for registration to get things organized. (however, "registration" means nothing more than just telling me, you will come - and Do so.)

I'll be more than happy to help anybody with locating Andernach on the map and booking a hotel there.

Any questions?
This is the first time, I am organizing one of our symposiums.

You may have noticed, that All our speakers are members of buknet this time.
And I came to know all of them via buknet.
So, sure this is another occation to thank mjp, that bastard, for making this place happen.

Piece by piece, the Buk-world is coming together - gathering forces. This site is a very important part of it. Thanks.

... and this symposium will be a goddamn BLAST !
That sounds like a really interesting program for the symposium - and you even got the mayor to attend!
The public hearing about building a literary memorial/museum in Bukowski's house-of-birth sounds promising. I hope you can get the local politicians on your side. Such a place would be awesome. And don't forget to ask the politicians about a street named after Buk...;)
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Kersten Flenter is a German Writer. Rather "underground" (whatever that means), I'd say.

Looks great, roni! I hope I can make it.
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[...] The public hearing about building a literary memorial/museum in Bukowski's house-of-birth sounds promising. [...] And don't forget to ask the politicians about a street named after Buk...

Yeah, I hope so too.
Last year the city major and his culture-department supported the idea, but the department to release the money cut us short. They said, they'd help finance the implementation of it, but not pay the following years for the running cost. And, well, it's quite useless, to build up such a thing without being able to finance it further.

The thing with the street was another petition we had going on this year. Again, the major and the cultural department supported the idea. The plan was to have a ceremony naming the Charles-Bukowski-Boulevard during the symposium. But it didn't find the majority of the board.

Anyway, both are long-term plans that will Not be turned down, just because of a few little drawbacks.
We'll try it year after year, till we get what Hank deserves.
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Good idea, Roni! Just keep pushing! One day there'll be a new bunch of politicians to deal with, which hopefully will be more positive...
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oh, and I want to Thank ALL our speakers, who willingly agreed to come only for payment for the cost of travel and hotel, taking no charge/fee/royalties for their addresses!
We wouldn't 've been able to finance this otherwise! You're GREAT, kids!!!

Also, I'd like to thank one of our buknet-members, who was so sweet to DONATE to the Bukowski-Society:
Our dear Purple Stickpin aka John Martin (Not to confuse with Buk's former publisher of that name).
This is, where your money went -
Great news Roni! I'm sure it'll go fine and be well attended. I won't be in attendance this year, but... as they say, "Next year, in Andernach!"
Fantastic, roni. As I recall, my only stipulation was that you not use my donatation for the procurement of high-octane Romanian booze for your personal consumption. :D You've obviously met that requirement!

I hope the event goes well. Please keep us informed regarding the outcome.
That sounds like a really great gathering. I wish I could go but I already spent my travel wad of cash this year... but maybe next year, that would be cool.
I hope Roni, and I'm sure it will be, a Blast. Take lots of pictures and if you can record the speeches that would be uber cool. I would even volunteer to edit them all together and make CD's.
Thanks all for your nice and friendly words of encouragement.
This is what keeps me running.

you don't know how much Romanian booze was necessary to get this organized. :-))
(Ha! Nooo! I don't even pay for that Romanian booze.)

we usually videotape the speeches. I do plan to do it this time too. Not sure at the moment, if I'll be able to tape all the speeches, but sure aim at it.
The symposium is over and it was great to see some of your cats offline.

A big THANK YOU for Roni to organize the event !

I guess more information will follow later on.
Gotta keep this short: yep, it was great to meet you guys. Sorry if I didn't say much more than "hi" to some of you, but I was a bit down (blame it on the meds!) and the schedule was kinda intense.

And what's with German trains? All of them were delayed on my way back to Spain and I almost missed the plane. Is the German efficiency yet another myth? :D
And what's with German trains? All of them were delayed on my way back to Spain and I almost missed the plane. Is the German efficiency yet another myth?

our trains are quite efficient in having delays, you see?
I'm glad you made it to your plane in spite of that.

Also thanks to you, ABEL (cirerita), and all our other fine speakers
JOCELYNE (blackswan)
JAN (ponder)
DAVID (david) (and his wonderful partner Mary)

Very good work!

Thanks to PETEY and JOHANNES from buknet who also attended.

It was a wonderful symposium (though Abel was right: the timetable was too tight.) and it was wonderful to meet you in person.

It's a good feeling, when the work of many months cumulates and tapers in such an uplifting, successful and joyful weekend.

Thank you cats!
All my respect to roni for organizing such an event! Despite the tightness of the timetable I was truly astounded about the professional way everything was organized and realized. (Including a simultaneous translator!)

It was really great and interesting to be there and be able to meet you!

Thanks a lot.
Dear Roni,

We just got back 10 minutes ago.

We are very thankful for having been invited to the Symposium.
Roni, you can be very proud of yourself.

We are also very pleased to have met some other buknetmembers
for real AND that we got the opportunity to meet the members

It was quite a weekend ;)
... now I'm waiting for pictures to arrive!
You cats, who took any, may post now!

I'd also like to get ALL pics you've made via e-mail in the original resolution !!!
(I'll only post/publish what's been permitted by the people who took the pics And those who are in them.)

THANKS for "respect".

I AM proud. Thanks a lot.
Andernach, Germany - where Bukowski was born.

But 'location' is not an issue for this purpose. It's more of a formal thing.
The founder (who is from Berlin) is German and the current head of the board (who is from Bamberg) is German. But we do have (a few) international members by now - and the goal is, to become a REAL international literary society.

'location' doesn't play a big role in the concept.
Especially since we now have established a way, where it is possible for members to vote, even if they can't manage to come to the annual members-meeting personally.

We're starting now to become REALLY international. I'll be working on an English version of the relevant formulars and infos.
Andernach rocked!

Thanks you so much Roni. You did a great job! Your dedication is amazing. A wonderful weekend.

It was such a pleasure meeting David Calone and Maria, Abel, Johannes and Petey.

I was also impressed by The Bukowski Society and its members.

I will share my photos as soon as possible. First thing , need to get some sleep ;).
Roni the Ubiquitous one! You shoulda seen him running everywhere at the same time trying to have everything arranged in time. Now, that's a fucking feat.
Roni was very fast indeed. He acually changed from his jeans and t-shirt to an impeccable suit in a record time, at the reading.
I even heard than he appeared in more than one place at the same moment and that is no tall tale.
He really impressed me on the reading in the town hall of Andernach.
Very professional speech he acted like a politician.
Well done my friend !
On Saturday night evening, In Andernach, there was a wonderful dinner in a bar-resto and this guy was impersonating Bukowski (in German).
I have no idea what he was saying but he looked great!
Roni can tell us more about it.


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