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So, unless someone can point me there, as far as I know there are few places that Buk wrote extensive notebooks. I would assume if you were looking through his works you would hear find him mentioning philosophers. But where? Does anyone know where he mentions any philosophers that he read? I had heard he read Schopenhauer and Nietzsche but does anyone know anywhere that he mentions them or I could find evidence of this?

Also, what notebooks or diaries of Buk could I buy. I realize his poems and letters basically are so personal that they could serve as a substitute but I'm curious about anywhere that he wrote intimately in such a way that he was not thinking he would sent what he wrote out to anyone (whether it would be some he corresponded with or he was trying to submit to for publication).

a good way to start are the three volumes of letters published by Black Sparrow / now Ecco.

Each of them has a well made index at the end. So you can easily find the letters, where he mentions Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Camus, Sartre and others.

They are also a GREAT read in any way. All I can say is: Go for them!
Hey don't let Roni get away with being so modest...He wrote a great essay on Schopenhauer and Nietzsche and Buk which was published in the Bukowski Gesellschaft journal.:)
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Thanks for the nice words, David.

You could buy this book (yearbook of the Bukowski-Society) but my article is in German. So I guess, it would be somewhat useless for you, except if you know the language.

Go for the letters. They are a great start.

Then go for the books of interviews, like 'Sunlight here I am' (the editor of which is the very David writing above) or 'Laughing with the Gods'.
Btw, thank you for being so responsive to my post. I live in New York. I looked on the web to search for the journal you mentioned. All I could find was a table of contents which had your name and the title of your article. During my studies I have worked with one of the top American Nietzsche scholars and a very reputable Schopenhauer scholar. Please, please, let me know more because I would love to read that article.
Roni I have saved your essay. Right now I am in an intensive Greek program for another week or so but as soon as this is over I will translate your essay. Thanks for helping me out.
I don't really know yet, it's my last paper for university and I chose Buk. I'm using this method of reading and noting everything I catch around, creating a mess and swim in it. I've been on Walter Benjamin and Deleuze so far, but I want see everything I can find. Your essay really interests me, but my german is less then basic. No way I can't read it as it is. So I maybe wanted to ask the filthy realist to send me the his translation, if he doesn't mind...
again: the letters would be your no-one resource!

(as far as I know, only the BSP/ Ecco-version has that index, which is beautiful to work with, so go for these.)
I am trying to get these letters published by ecco, but I can't find them! Even the Harpercollins/Ecco site gives 42 buk books, but I can't find the letters.
Can you tell me the exact title and stuff? thank you so much
The original titles for the 3 volumes of Bukowski letters are 'Screams from the Balcony', 'Living On Luck' and 'Reach for the Sun'.

Additionally there is 'Beerspit Night and Cursing' which exclusively collects Bukowski's letters to Sheri Martinelli. Another volume was published by Paget Press of Bukowski's letters to Canadian poet Al Purdy called simply 'The Bukowski / Purdy Letters' but this has not been reprinted as far as I know.

In the UK Virgin books put out 4 volumes of 'Selected Letters', which were basically the same content as the first 3 volumes from Black Sparrow.
ah! thanks for the info.
so, considering that the 4 Virgins are even more in the right chonology (as I heared), they would be a better buy than the BSP/HC/Ecco-ones? (I always thought they weren't indexed, which would've been a strong point for the BSPs.)

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