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I just finished wathing the Bukowski Tapes last night. I found it to be some of the greatest footage of Buk ever recorded. keeping this in mind i found the Piano melody played after each section to be very very irritating. I was just wondering if anyone elese felt the same way. Other than that very small complaint the whole experince of wathing it was simply amazing and anyone who has not seen it yet should watch it immedialtly.
There was a reason behind the dreary piano.

Those were originally released as late night sign offs
on some television station. The segment would play,
and the station would sign off for the night.

When the tape was made, they were left intact.

Kind of a drone, aren't they?
I couldn't understand why the DVD makers didn't provide an alternative audio track - perhaps silence, putting the original piano as a secondary track for the few who would want to have it intact. Still, a minor grumble as you say.
we've discussed this little annoyer somewhere. not enough ambition now to look it up.

still, this can't destroy the worth of the Tapes. you're right, mel, they're some of the greatest Buk-footage ever.

i wish i could see the whole 30+ hours of original material ...
Sorry ,but that piano tune never completely got out of my head.
And I fear reviving the tune. Yes I would love to get a new version of the dvd
without THE THING.

It reminded me of the smell of rotting flowers.
I feel like a twat.
I've owned the Bukowski Tapes since the late '90s (bootlegged first, now legal), but I've always loved that piano bit. I've defended it in previous posts that I can't/won't find now.
don't hate me. well, go ahead and hate me. I can take it. I think.
i got your back hooch - i'm not ashamed to admit that i not only liked it, but found myself singing and playing 'air piano' to it in between segments...okay, I'm ashamed about the 'air piano' part...:o

I had to go listen to it to be reminded. Since Bukowski listened to KFAC and other classical music stations all the time, the piano music is very appropriate. I too like it in fact I have a 7 hour Mp3 of Mozart Piano Sonatas that I play while I do my chores at home. The dogs nap to it. It fills the spaces.
Gerard, I have no problem with 7 hours of Mozart and most classical music, it is the repetition of the tune that got to me.
My opinion is that Buk would hate it.:D

d gray ,It is not "air piano" between the segments, it is "The One And Only" air piano for hours.:eek:

Okay hooch, you can have it ;)

rotting slimy flowers in a vase when you do not know
where the smell is coming from.:)
Gerard, I have no problem with 7 hours of Mozart and most classical music, it is the repetition of the tune that got to me.
My opinion is that Buk would hate it.:D

I completly agree. i love classical music but the same melody over and over again would irritate anyone. the peice isn't that bad it's just that is played over and over again. i really have no idea why the D.V.D manufacturers didn't include an option to get rid of the music. it only makes sense
As I may have mentioned elsewhere, there are 52 segments and they were never intended to be played back to back; each segment was offered once a week for an entire year as a sign-off for a German tv station. What Schroeder has done is to present them in a way that they were originally aired, and I am not bothered buy it, because when the music is playing it gives me the time to reflect upon what I just heard, rather than listening to another segment presented right on top of it. I know I'm in the minority here, but it's a calm, simple piano melody in the classical mode, and perhaps that's why Schroeder used it: Bukowski loved the classics. He wasn't into Nine Inch Nails, The Sound of Music or Frankie Avalon. He loved classical music and I don't think he would have been bothered by Schroeder's choice of this simple theme, though it can get repetitive when played back to back. But then, imagine all the work it would have taken Schroeder to excise it rather than let the viewers see how the segments were presented in their original form. He probably would have also gotten complaints in a damned-if-I-do, damned-if-I-don't situation. (I personally would have missed the original music.) In any event, I'm rarely bothered by the piano; rather than resisting it, I loosen up and let it pass through me - then I'm ready for the next... And of course, I love what Bukowski has to say. It's always like hearing him for the first time, even after the 100th listening. So I look at the situation in a different light and appreciate that Schroeder had the presence of mind to do anything at all. I'm grateful for the legacy of one of the greatest conversationalists of all time. Best wishes to all.

One fan's opinion.
Aaaarrrgh, that melody, you loathe it whilst watching, then weeks later you are stood in a cramped lift and it begins looping over and over in your head, great recordings though.
Hello, I'm new to this- all I want is to know whether anyone has a link or a download or whatever to some way of either watching or listening to 'the bukowski tapes' without the bloody awful piano music.
I would appreciate it a lot.
thanks in advance for all your help in this matter.
The piano music is present in the original video and the latest DVD release, so I guess all you can do is hit MUTE :fog:
It doesn't exist without the bloody awful piano music, I'm afraid. And since it's still commercially available, we would rather not link to a free version of it anywhere. Support the people who make this stuff available; buy their work. Just hit the mute button between sequences.


Edit: great minds, etc.
Okey dokey- ruddy annoying though- it looks,at least,that I'm not alone in my fuck-off-edness about the superfluity and inanity of the piano. thanks for the response.
Who gives a shit about the music - let's not put anybody off watching 'The Bukowski Tapes' - Buk had incredible screen presence - and what he says is great too..Classic Bukowski..

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