Bukowski tattoos


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ah well I went ahead and got it anyways even though you guys have cock in balls in your minds. the guy who did it has a done a few bukowski tattoo's and is a fan also which was pretty cool.

Let's see a pic.

Not poking fun in any way, I wish I had the balls to get any tattoo, but my mom might have a heart attack, ya know.
To suggest that this lettering was done by a master tattooist is like saying someone is a master chef because they can cook a box of macaroni and cheese without burning it.

Anyone in their first month of tattooing could have done that. Like filling in an entire coloring book page with only a black crayon. Maybe they clap and fawn over that kind of thing at the special school, but in reality it is not any kind of achievement.

I invite you over to my house to hang around with me for a few weeks and wax poetic over every load of laundry I fold or pot of coffee I make.
God, I wish I could say things like this.

This thread fucking sucks. And I know it's cliche, but I really hate hipsters.

Sorry dudes.

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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It's photoshop, but the text was made up from other real examples of Bukowski's handwriting.


i'm just going to leave this here.


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That's a lot of ink on a sensitive spot. It will give some nice young men (or women) something to read when you're lying on your belly.


more crickets than friends
But where is the credit to Buk? You know maybe at the end.... - Charles Bukowski? Or something like that? I don't know, I want a tattoo, inspired by Buk, or the RHCP, but will probably never have the balls.

Anyway, reminds me of a girl I once knew, well still know kind of, who thought that quote from Buk was the greatest thing she's ever read! Cheers to ya!


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I logged in to Facebook to do some app tweaking for the forum and found this linking to us:


People, please, do not get naked and lie on top of Bukowksi's grave. It's unbecoming. That's a quiet neighborhood. Show some dignity.

Gerard K H Love

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born like this.
born into this.

james is right, that's the way it looked to me. I think it is a nice picture, nice colors with the grass and skin but maybe a bit shocking for the neighbors.

The grass probably made her tits all itchy though.


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Thanks.I Liked that bird ever since I first saw it on SCREAMS FROM THE BALCONY. so now if you are near me and i am sucking on a cold beer then you get a little piece of history.Educational and fun.
I just contacted famous Skid Row tattoo artist "Mister Cartoon" regarding some work. He's done a bunch of bad famous people's work.

Minimum price tag on a tat, $2500. Fuck that.


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I knew the background check would be more interesting as soon as i took the picture.I've got two months of nothing but time.See you soon.
Tattoos are out,Reading is in.Wait till i clean up my Office,and get my reference books in order!


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And get that space bar fixed on your keyboard.

Remember, punctuation, then space. Punctuation, then space. Keep repeating that to yourself.
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