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Hi All,

I have to firstly say a big thanks to this site for giving me the info I needed to get a Bukowski tour done while I was in LA. The Timeline link on this site was invaluable for that. Feel free to comment or add any bits of info you have on where I might have gone wrong, or taken a photo of somewhere completely unrelated.

Visit the link below and from there it will take you to a Googlemap link with my gps points for the addresses of The Buke, or where I figured them to be at least, along with some photos.

click here

The Limey


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You did the Google map tour that I always meant to do, but only half finished. Nice job. (It was finished after all.)

The reason a lot of the places seemed affluent was because they are mostly new buildings. Most of the addresses he lived at have been torn down and replaced. Unfortunately, that's just the way Los Angeles is. A 20 year old building is considered a knock-down.

DeLongpre doesn't surprise me, last time I was there you could smell the decay. I wondered how it was that they still legally charged people rent for it...


Job really well done.
Thanks a lot i am sure to use it in the near future when my dream come true
to visit this places.


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Well I may be abandoning San Pedro soon, so you guys will have to get along without my hospitality.


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How did you guess?!

Okay, admittedly, Delaware may not be first on the list.

Probably South Pasadena, but it's so fucking expensive I don't know how people do it.

I often think of the funny story in Screams From the Balcony, I believe, Bukowski tells of getting lost in Pasadena after going to get his picture taken (for the Webbs?) in the 60's. That could have been a great poem or story (and probably was at some point, and I just forgot about it).


Delaware is cheap living.... A nice 4 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood will cost you about $200,000. That is on a 1/4 acre. Plus, wages are not bad.

Time to cash in your stock shares and retire to DE?




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$200k won't even buy you an empty lot in a bad neighborhood in Los Angeles anymore. And if you start looking in places like South Pasadena a 1200 square foot 2 bedroom house goes for $700k and up.

But buying in cities like LA that have had ridiculous increases over the last 10 years is for suckers at the moment anyway. Everyone expects the prices to drop over the next 5 years.

Which would all be irrelevant to me as a renter, except that a lot of people who would normally be buying are waiting for prices to drop, and while they 're waiting they are renting, and driving up the rental prices.

It's fucked any way you look at it.

So yeah, Delaware...hmm...

Nah, I could never leave Los Angeles! Best city in the world!
I went to a Dodger game last tuesday. I stayed in a hotel directly across from The Post Office Terminal Annex on Alameda. It was interesting to sit out side late at night smoking and drinking and just imagining...
Yeah, went tuesday and thursday. Not necessarily to see the big *, it just worked out (or not) like that. I try to get to a couple Dodger games every summer. I never did stay down town like that before though.


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I went to a Dodger game last tuesday. I stayed in a hotel directly across from The Post Office Terminal Annex on Alameda. It was interesting to sit out side late at night smoking and drinking and just imagining...

Hope you walked over to Philippe's for a french dip. Yum...
Hi all

In 2007 I shared a link with this site of a Googlemap tour I made with a GPS location of all the places the Buke had lived in LA. but I just finally got round, yes a decade later, to writing it up and posting it somewhere with the photos too! woohoo.

Here is the link to the article - https://steemit.com/bukowski/@mdkberry/bukowski-the-la-tour-with-photos (If you enjoy it, please consider logging in, and voting it up for me. I also give the site here a mention in the article coz I am kind like that :) )

Enjoy, and long live the Buke!


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That's very cool. 10 years is nothing, come on. Good shit takes it's time.

I was in Los Angeles for two and a half months and travelling about by bicycle

I was under the impression that you get killed or something when you try this. Can you really travel L.A. by bike?

@ all: Is the house on Longwood Ave. still basically the same that Bukowski lived in with his parents? If yes, astounding that it never got demolished or reconstructed!

The Union Drive pics do look a little seedy.

Propz for this man, very interesting for every Bukowski fan!

See ya in 2027! :D

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