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Hi guys.... In my introduction post I commented that here in Brazil we have many Bukowski’s books translated to Portuguese, but unfortunately few about his poems... for sure it is very hard to do good translations of poems, but I really miss some translations... and I am sure that would be a commercial success, because Buk is becoming more and more popular in Brazil... Nowadays we have only one translated here... "Love Is a Dog from Hell".

But the novels and short stories are very well translated... With some notes on the footer of the pages explaining some expressions and sometimes explaining the reasons why Buk used some specific words or references.

Of course some book titles were adapted to Brazilian reality to make more sense... Two examples... "Ham on Rye" was translates as "Misto Quente", which is a kind of sandwich here... (Ham and cheese in bread), and "Post office" was translated as "Cartas na Rua", that means "Letters on the street"...

Anyway we have 20 books translated, of which I have and read 14... But this year I will read all of them! It is the first promise on my list for 2015!!! Hehehe

For curiosity if you want to check the Buk collection in Brazil this is the link of the LP&M publisher... http://www.lpm.com.br/site/default.asp?TroncoID=805134&SecaoID=510927&SubsecaoID=0&Serie=Bukowski

Besides … Many plays have been produced based on the Buk work and some Short movies… Take a look at these two links… Of course it is n Portuguese, but face like an “exercise” for you guys try to find about which short stories they are based on… :)

The translated titles are completely different from the original.

The links…

(translated as “Quando morremos a noite” – “When we die at night”)

(translated as “Cachorro morto” – “Dead dog”)

Both based on famous short stories!!!

Thank you guys!!!

(Hank Chinaski Bukowski… Yesterday, today and forever!!!)
I think so too... the guy don't have exactly way to speak that I imagine Buk would have, but Mickey Rourke didn't have too hehehe... and even less Matt Dillon.

But this is a good short movie, although they have given few importance to encounter between Buck and his father and also the girlfriend... a important moment on the original short story... In my view.
The likeness to Bukowski is uncanny. The actor even got pockmarks just like Buk had.

It looks like Brazil have a good selection of Buk books apart from the poems.

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