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Just listened to "Charles Bukowski Uncensored (from the Run with the Hunted Session." The mailman dropped it off the day before Christmas. It was great!

It has a lot of commentary, in addition to the poetry reading. One part that I found funny is when the interviewer chats with Buk about literature for six minutes or so. The guy obviously has read a lot of Buk's work, but he still fails to realize that Bukowski doesn't give a shit about what the guy is droning on about.

There are many of his strongest poems on this CD. Has anyone else listened to it?
Oh yes! I think most of us here have listened to it many times since it came out in 2000. All the commentary between Bukowski, Linda and the interviewer makes it extra interesting.
I liked the part where Bukowski tells about the French waiters lining up and starts bowing to him.

There's lots of Bukowski readings on CD and DVD, thank God.
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it's been years since i listened to it [...]

put in CD1 again and listen to Tracks 4-10!!!

Do it NOW !

No, don't say: later, maybe!

Get up now, you lazy bastard, go to your CD-rack and put out that CD.
Stop the music you're currently listening to.
It can continue later (if you still feel the need).

I can hear you thinking about it.

Just trust me!
Only tracks 4-10, that's not too much! (is it?)
Give it a chance.
And do it NOW.

If you don't feel satisfied or lucky or touched or moved after that, just stop and call me a stupid arse here in all public.
But give it a chance!

This night, after all these years:
listen to these tracks again!
You will love it!

No, babe, it's NOT enough to look at the track-list now!
You'll have to listen to the original voice of our man Hank.

And tell us then, what it turned out to be like ...

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