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Hey All,

Just wanted to post for the first time. I just found this forum earlier in the month and it is amazing that so many people love Bukowski's work just like myself. I just started reading his prose a few months ago and have read around 8 or 9 of his novels and short story collections. (I'd have to say so far that "The Most Beautiful Woman..." and "Ham on Rye" have been my favorite's so far. So I just wanted to post at least once and I look forward to reading any Buk literature that comes highly recommended by anyone on this site.

Snowball Fight

You move like a giant, ancient fish...
So is it 8 or 9?

Welcome Meeker, but keep your facts and figures straight on the forum; some of these guys are fanatics!

one more thing that is not bukowski related. how do i get my profile picture to show up when i post on the forum. i can see everyone else's but i don't think mine shows up. i can only see it when i view my profile. (because this is so important, i know, but i'm really vain...) any help would be appreciated...
As for recommendations, any idiot, much more educated that meself, could tell you, and these are MUST READS (and all available as late editions for nominal prices). Problem is, you didn't tell us which ones you have read...:

Post Office

Short Stories:
South of No North (also collects some early great publications)


Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
Love is a Dog From Hell
Dangling in the Tournefortia
War All the Time

Enjoy; as I said, any more educated person here could recommend better...

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