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BUKOWSKI was an excellent hockey player... (1 Viewer)

I'm selling 5 hardcovers by BUKOWSKI for HOCKEY (I am Canadian you know, eh!), I want to send my son/daughter to hockey school in JULY ($280), so the books gotta go! If they don't gather any interest I'll turn to eBay, but I thought I'd offer them here first...
I appreciate you taking a look, and I highly doubt Bukowski ever played hockey, maybe never even knew how to skate... Hmm, anyone know if he could skate!???

All hardcovers are UNREAD copies, excellent condition.

1-YOU GET SO ALONE... (1994) Only $45!
3-BEERSPIT NIGHT AND CURSING (2001) (1st edition w/ tipped in Bukowski illustration) Only $45!
4-LIVING ON LUCK (1995) $30

Shipping is $10 a book, or I'll combine to make it cheaper if you want a couple... Thanks for taking a look!
This, from a letter to Connecticut Poet Laureate Leo Connellan being sold in the April PBA auction:

...", includes a dialogue about a young "lovely colored boy", and ends: "Leo, I'm throwing it in. Fuck it. I'm going to turn homo or become an ice hockey fan. Buk." Jan. 20, 1974
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Well since its a proven fact that no hockey fan is gay, I assume it means either go the way of the homosexual-enjoy decorating and movies that end in the letter y, or go beserk-bcome the complete opposite-an avid hockey fan-who by the way has no decoration sense unless Maple Leaf Blue is considered trend setting.
GO Leafs GO!

I won't carry on the 'hockey talk' on buk.net, hockey is about as interesting to 'most' Americans as College Basketball is to 'most' Canadians (i.e. NOT AT ALL...). You couldn't pay me to sit through March Madness, but you could pay me $60 and get 2 BUK hardcovers!!!
Ah Chronic a fan is not necessarily the same as a jock just liek a fan of music isn;t always a musician-That said I agree all jocks may be by definition must be closet homoexuals.
Regardless to theeffects good luck with your sales and hockey school-been there done that it is not cheap
So, you're saying it's true that all jocks are closeted homosexuals?

PS: No offense intended to jocks, homosexuals, or to homosexual jocks. Some of my best friends are blah blah blah blah blah...
It was all (intended to be) humour-obviously proven fact is a redundant idiotic phrase-that was the intent.
That said, heres my last redundant idiotic phrase for this post Go Leafs Go!

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