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Bukowski birthday weekend in New Orleans. Can't wait!
Sorry could't get the link to work. Google International house Hotel New Orleans.
Listed under Happenings. I'll be thinking of all you guys and gals!
Same thing this weekend in Oldenburg, Germany.
Symposium of the Charles-Bukowski-Society.

program (in German) of the speeches:

The Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge is celebrating Buk's born day with this sandwich
I used to live about six-seven blocks from that place. When it opened, it had very little to do with Buk, to be honest, and the music was too loud (and I listen to music LOUD) but it has developed its own sense of character over the years. My wife and I went there about a year ago and the vibe was much better-suited to Buk's memory and our personal tastes.

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