Bukowski would have been ninety years old today (1 Viewer)

Charles Bukowski is 90!!!

poet dies
and nobody give a damn

he was one of us,
one of the best among us,
and we mark his passing.

garlands for the grave of Charles Bukowski

will romantics lay roses on his tomb like they do in Paris
for Jim Morrisson?

or spray paint tokens of their love
their admiration,
their adulation
across his granite

this is for me. these are my roses. he's
dead and can't smell them
where he is now

and forever.

© David Barker
yep, and the trash guys still pick up the garbage in front of his house - nothing has changed.

I am going to be listening some Bach tonight, sipping some red wine, and leafing through some of random picked this 'birthday boy' poetry books. Cheers!
Ponder: thanks for the quote. Truly an honor.

I have to confess I was so wrapped up in the daily grind, I didn't realize it was Buk's birthday until the next day.

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