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Hi, I am Jeroen and I'm a Bukaholic. I also happen to be the owner and writer of www.bukowskibeerbeethoven.com, which went online today. Check it out. God knows you might enjoy it.

Although I`m a metalhead I like your side a lot. It looks pretty professional.

By the way I met Prof. Robert Sandarg and Willem van Ekeren ( the guy from the neatherlands with the Bach Bukowski project ) on one of our symposiums of the Buk Society in Andernach some years ago.
Fine idea to collect this material. I always wanted to make a radio-feature for a classical station introducing the classical-audience to Bukowski's favour for that kinda music. But I never did.
Thanks Roni. I do think it is a great way to discover classic music. Without the usual "marble hall exaltation and church-like holiness", as the man so eloquently put it.

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