Bukowski's house of birth is a Karnevalsmuseum now (1 Viewer)

It finally happened:
There's a 'Karneval'-Museum in Bukowski's house-of-birth now!



Condolences may be posted in the comments-section of the above-given facebook-thread.

Helau! Alaaf!
It is too bad that the city wouldn't pay for the Bukowski museum. Bukowski would probably like the idea of having buffoons or troubadours as neighbours. :rollfool:
I'd prefer the famous brothel, which probably never was there.

Still better than the fucking clowns. On the other hand it's just a house. The museum would have been very cool, but that's how it goes.
I don't get it. Is it similar to Mardi Gras in the U.S.?
it's not really similar to ANYTHING [but stupidity]. We know this 'phenomenon' in the whole country, but, around This area they're crazy about it and the rest of Germany doesn't really get what's going on there then either.

To give you an idea, here are the English-Wiki-entries about 'Karneval' in KÖLN and MAINZ:
Now consider, that ANDERNACH is right in the middle between these two cities!

(btw there are some links at a place we don't speek about in a thread from ca. 3 years ago)
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Sorry if that sounded insensitive. I, too, would prefer a museum there. But the Karneva thing is so bizarre, it's almost a good fit for Bukowski's house.

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