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I picked up the latest LA Weekly and there is a three page Bukowski spread complete with an illustration and a piece first published on May 19, 1972 in the LA Free Press that is included in the new book from City Lights.

Anyone in the LA area might like to check it out if they haven't picked up the book yet. I had a friend pick up a hardcover first edition for me from City Lights and should be in my dirty hands next week. I'm pretty stoked.

Anyway, just wanted to give a heads up to anyone else here in Southern California. On that subject (or not) has anyone checked out Bukowski in Pictures by Howard Sounes? Some good photos of Hank, his women and where he lived not in the usual biographies. Plus some copies of poems from broadsides etc. Definitely was worth my $17.
thanks for the info and welcome on bord.

could you scan those 3 pages and post here? wouldbe wonderful.

'Buk in pics' really IS a fine book. we've discussed it somewhere here. can't find the thread now.
Very interesting piece. Tried to make out the initials but only could figure out N.H. as being Hal Norse (probably).
Interesting article! I can't wait for my hardcover to arrive...

Thanks, cirerita!
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mikestro1, thanks for the heads up. and thanks for the link cirerita.
so, i believe M. to be jack micheline, correct?
I think so too. And NC is of course Neeli Cherry/Cherkovski. LW could be Red Strange ("some are simply strange") because LW told him stories he used to his own advantage, and maybe Mad Jack, the painter, who has a woman who supports him, could be John Thomas?
yeah I was pretty jazzed when I picked up the paper and saw the title "Bukowski on L.A.'s second Skid Row" on the front cover.needless to say,I rushed to the page it was on and embraced the glory that is Hank.anybody read Charles Bukowski Spit In My Face by by David Barker?
Interesting that the LA Freep version from May 19, 1972 begins at:

"...after a bad marriage...."

and not with the "I was born in Andernach..." stuff. First three paragraphs from original manuscripts? Wonder if the Freep edited them out or what?

Problem on the website with page 4 so I'm not sure that between Buk's story about Mad Jack and L.W. is the bit on T.J.

I take T.J. to be John Thomas. There was a poem called "beef tongue" dedicated to John Thomas. It was in one of the recent books by Buk but I can't find it. As I remember the poem had been edited a bit, quite a bit as I remember, from how it appeared in The Outsider.

Haven't got the Portions book yet. I'm a soft cover type of person.
I found that when you click print and print up the whole piece, you get page four. At least that worked for me.
Yes, the LAFP left out the opening--not sure why since it sets up the following essay quite well. Perhaps length requirements.
Micheline, Jack

MJ definitely = Jack Micheline. Surprised to find a brand-new collection of Micheline poetry last night at Powell's Books here in Portland, Ore.

"Since nobody would publish his books anymore, he began to mimeo his own copies." --Bukowski

It's a collection of many of those mimeo'd lost classics: One of a Kind by Jack Micheline published April 2008 by Ugly Duckling Presse.


Browsed Wine-Stained Notebook as well. When I get a few bucks I'll be getting both...

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