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Some years ago, I remember seeing some photos of Buk's mailbag. Im sure I saw it on the web --but cant be for sure. Had his name written in ink on it I believe..."Bukowski". Just wondering if anyone else has seen it --and if so, where?

Maybe it was all a dream or some weird drug addled fantasy I had many years back.

I'd guess that such an image would be a mock up or just a hoax. For most of his post office career, Bukowski wasn't a mail carrier but a sorting clerk.

From the Timeline:
1950 - Works for post office for the first time, December 11 to December 27 as a Temporary Substitute Carrier

1952 - Starts work for the Post Office as an Indefinite Substitute Carrier [3/5]

1955 - Sends letter of resignation to the post office (citing "ill health") after three years as a letter carrier [3/11]

1958 - Takes a job at the post office as a Temporary Substitute Distribution Clerk (mail sorter) [1/2] Postal Employee Number: 106160

1959 - Promoted to Distribution Clerk (still sorting mail, but no longer temporary) [3/21], works as a clerk until January, 1970
More like one of these:

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I have never heard of the PO making custom bags with names on them for postal carriers.

I'm sure that it is a made up collectible.

I suppose if you were a full time carrier with your own route you would have a bag that only you used, and you might write your name on it. But Bukowski was always a substitute carrier and probably picked up whatever bag was available at the particular station he was sent to.

But what do I know. We need a mail carrier in this god damn forum to answer burning questions such as these.
I'm all over it! Well I have two good friends that are mail carriers, one here in town, and one in New Mexico so I'm off to do some detective work, I'll see what they have to say on the matter.
But what do I know. We need a mail carrier in this god damn forum to answer burning questions such as these.

Sonny, I come from a long line of proud postal employees. And let me tell you this: Not one of them needed any kind of pansy-ass, personalized, monogrammed (and possibly French) satchel to deliver our nation's mail to it's destination.

Actually, if they did, I'm sure that either my Dad, Uncle TJ, Uncle Bob, or cousin Pat would have been showing them off at the family picnic. And that would have been one more reason for my Irish-Catholic family to make passive-aggressive comments and pick fights.
Yeah, I doubt he'd have his own bag with his name on it, but who knows. The bag would be government property and you don't put your name on government property in most cases, especially if it's an item of any value. A file folder or pencil, maybe, but not something like a mail bag.
The bag I remember seeing was like the one Hank Solo posted --exactly!! The arched "US Mail" imprint across the buckle got me excited because it was very familiar and made me realize I wasn't making this all up in my head. Thats not to say someone else made it up in their head and wrote his name on the bag. Under the flap was scrawled in what looked like very weathered ballpoint pen "Bukowski" and a two digit number (which I cant recall). It wasn't some pansy-ass monogrammed/embroidered job like some have mentioned here.
Under the flap was scrawled in what looked like very weathered ballpoint pen "Bukowski" and a two digit number (which I cant recall).
Well there would be no possible way to fake that! ;)

Even if some Bukowski fan didn't write it on there, it's probably safe to assume that more than one Bukowski carried mail in Los Angeles over the past 60 years.

If Bukowski the writer had his own mail bag, with his name on it, it would have been mentioned by him somewhere. But I don't recall him ever writing about "his" bag.
With the U.S. Census they give all field employees a black Canvas bag which is taken from us when we are terminated. Of course this is for a temporary job that only happens every 10 years. We are not supposed to mark them other than to have an identifying tag attached. Yes it looks and feels gay to be wearing it but it does help keep the dogs from biting.
Yip, the first Stanley Cup since '61...congrats number6 :)

Just noticed this - thank you (though they probably could have done it without me :) )
Hawks had a hell of a party today as downtown came to a complete halt for the parade and rally.
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