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Someone emailed me asking for the dates for some of the paintings on the site. Since I don't own most of those books it's hard to say, but it brought up a question that maybe one of you can answer. What was the last book that was published with original paintings?

I know Bukowski took them very seriously. Even though some look like they were tossed off in a couple of minutes, others are very painful images, and he wrote on more than one occasion that he put a lot into them, and he couldn't "mass produce" them the way Martin wanted him to.

Anyway, if anyone knows when the editions with the tipped in paintings stopped, I'd be interested.
War All the Time 1984
48 signed copies each with an original painting by Bukowski tipped in

You Get So Alone at Times 1986
48 signed copies each with an original signed silkscreen print of a Bukowski illustration tipped in....

(According to Uncle Krumhansl)
Actually, Play the Piano Drunk... in 1979 had a print, then they went back to original artwork until 1984's War All the Time.
So it looks like War All The Time was the last. Thanks for the lookup.

I like those books, since that's the easiest way to get Bukowski's art, but it was a little weird to bind them into the books...hard to appreciate/show them that way.

Man, I think back to some book dealer's mailings that I got in the late 80's, early 90's...you could buy paintings and drawings for $100, $150. Those days are long gone.

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