Bukowski's Relevance in an Economic Downturn

re-bukowski for therapy in times of struggle

This is definitely an interesting thread, and my first post on this site. I'm writing a paper for a class, a literary criticism paper on Bukowski. This topic (Buk's relative material in times of crisis). I have a few books by him (10 or so), but was wondering if any of you guys had suggestions for good sample poetry that reflects that feeling, sharp and to the point (I don't want to quote a whole page, but that's all I've found that gets the point across so far). I really like "Dinosauria, We" (born into this...) as an example, but need two or three more points of example.

He's a hard one to write about!!!
This is one of the better threads I have seen on this site. It seems that I relate more to an author if I have or am experiencing the same theme of the book I am reading.
When my first son died I read "Death be not Proud " and cried my eyes out for a few months. When my wife had cancer I read "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" and I found the courage to try to be helpful and accept life on life's terms.
I started reading Bukowski when I felt I had the world by the tail. Now that my investments are shaky and my income is less I truly enjoy the the bleakness and the longing for escape in the bottle that Hank wrote in the beginning of his writing career.
When my marriage is pulling the hair out of my head I just read "Women"and realize I am not alone in having difficulty with intimate relationships.
Yeah, times may be bad. The beauty of life is that it changes and evolves and the more I experience it has changed me into a more keen observer.


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Those are very relevent points Ronzo. One of the most impactful parts of good writing is its continued resounding thereafter within the conscioussness of an individual. When we can align ourselves with the portrayed/pictured unravelings of a unique narrative we can take for ourselves a bit of the personal ego-gains accomplished by that writer. These are the works that we do not read for entertainment...and they become more pertinent when taken-in while under duress.

Nice Post, R.

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This is definitely an interesting thread,...........suggestions for good sample poetry that reflects that feeling, .............!
Read Pleasures of the Damned. You Get So Alone.... is also a good one.

This is one of the better threads I have seen on this site. .................snip....
Ronzo, yours is one of the heaviest posts I've read. You should write your own stuff. I could not want to walk in you shoes.
Thank you for the kind words. To believe that Bukowski's worth increases with an economic downturn,that somehow it gains importance because we feel the pinch in our pocket books may be a good thing. I think this is why good writing endures and has a captive audience. But the thing that keeps me interested about Hank is his ability to convey what it felt like to grow up the way he did.
When I first read "Ham on Rye" and saw the pictures of a tortured young man growing up in such a stifling environment and he was able to write about the way he felt and how he perceived life in general I fell in love with honest self appraisal. Very few authors I have read have been able to do this for me. Maybe Edward Bunker in his book "The Education of a Felon" comes close.