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Bukowski's Senior High School Yearbook (1 Viewer)


I have a second copy of the Bukowski Summer 1939 yearbook that I am willing to sell for the fair price of $175, plus shipping. Shipping in the US will be $5 and shipping outside the US should be about $11.

This is the yearbook that was used as the cover of "Ham on Rye". Spanky's sells these for $400, but in all fairness, they are not selling them as long as they sell for prices like this.

The last time that I sold one on this forum, it went fast and there were a couple people that asked about it after it was too late.

Buk is pictured three times (plus his tiny, tiny group shot, where I cannot find him to save my life). Once in the "Ham On Rye" senior photograph, once with his ROTC unit and another time a face shot in his ROTC uniform.

There are the normal (not BUKOWSKI) signatures in this one. The condition is about the same as the ones that I have seen. Solid, clean and the inside is excellent. Just the normal wear from this not being considered a collectible. A well listed ebay auction will bring at least $175, but I'm only looking for $175.

Please e-mail me at [email protected] if interested.

i would LOVE this one!
(you remember, i was one of the too-late-guys then.)

i'm sure your price is reasonable - only out of my range.

next time you have one in slightly 'bad' shape - i'm your man!

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