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It's called Bukowski Tavern. There is one in the Back Bay near Berklee College of Music and a second one in Inman Square, Cambridge, which was about a 7-minute walk for me from 1999-2009. There's really no connection to Buk except for some thematic content. I always thought that the one in Cambridge made more of an effort to acknowledge Buk; there's a large mural with his likeness and a typewriter and covers of some of his books, but that's about it. I haven't been in about three years, but the food was decent, but they both are sort of hipster joints. For a long time the music at the Cambridge location was way too loud (and trust me, it wasn't Bach, Brahms, or Beethoven), but that changed at one point a few years back.

So, the answer is no; pretty much just a name that most people who go there don't recognize.
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