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If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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What do you make of this then?

(Since it was run directly off the fax machine I guess it wasn't butchered by the butcher...)
It figures that Martin immediately duplicated (and numbered) it to create another collector's item. I would expect nothing less.

I'm glad you have one, Bill (I assume you got it for free from the great publisher), but $950 for a Xerox initialed by Martin seems, oh, I don't know, a little bit crazy. I don't doubt that someone will buy it though.
$950 seems high, yes. Probably not enough of a market for it lately, although back in the day, it woulo dhave sold for twice that on ebay. Still, it is one of my prized possessions that I'll likely be buried with. I think that it is a great poem, and his last shows him swinging up to the end.

I have seen other limited editions numbered like this from Red Stodolsky. I know that he xeroxed a copy of "Aftermath", from Story, I believe and numbered them 1-25 and had Buk sign them. I also had a fake auction catalog that Red put out that was sighed by Buk and John Larouquette. It was a copy of the fake catalog that was used on the TV show Bloopers, and Practical Jokes. In that episode, they messed with LJ (A buk fan), by inviting him to an auction where things went for hundreds of times their value, if I remember correctly. The copy that I had showed the ridiculous priced realized. OFF TOPIC: Anyone know how many items like this Red created?

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He did the "Twenty Tanks..." reprint with Bukowski's blessing (and signature) in an edition of 25. I think you may be confusing that with "Aftermath..."

And yes, it was just a 2-sided xerox copy of the original from Portfolio.

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