Buk's paternal grandparents anybody? (1 Viewer)

Even though we know a lot about Buk's German descent on the maternal side, I'm not sure about reliable information on the roots of his paternal grandparents.

It's clear that both his grandparents, Leonard and Emilie, had emigrated from Germany before they have met and we know about them and the family during their US-times.

But where in Germany have they originated in the first place?
The name Bukowski indicates, that the grandfather may have come from the (then-) northeastern part of Germany that now is Poland. I also seem to remember, that Neeli is even naming the city of Danzig/ Gdansk, but do we have evidence? Is there a reliable source like a written document?

And Emilie? I don't recall any naming of a perticular place she came from.
Roni, I wonder if you can also figure out the facts about Buk's maternal grandmother. I don't believe Sounes or Cherkovski go into this, but we have the section from Visceral Bukowski below..Can you confirm this one way or the other from the German ancestry records?



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