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i know he was a real laid back guy. i know i really like him, thats why i decided to write a sixteen page paper about good ol hank for my lit class. the only thing is-- i cant extrapolate this anymore. id like a clear description of his character-- in full. particularly how his drinking and womanizing influenced his works (wouldnt hurt to give specific examples) although i am aware those traits of his did not fully envelop his career. please and thank yous, my dears
Go read the Bukowski Biography by Howard Sounes. It's called, "Locked In The Arms Of A Crazy Life". You can borrow it at the library.
God, I remember when 16 pages was a major achievement back in the '70s. Now that we have texts and tweets, it must seem like a novel to kids these days... I am not being sarcastic either... The Sounes is great advice, but be prepared: It's like reading things about your dad that you really didn't want to know, but that you need to know because every one else knows...
thanks all.. i actually own the book by sounes, and have had my nose in it for the past week or so. 16 pages isnt such a terrible concept if you have plenty of information, which isnt too hard to find with all the help from people with the same ideas. not that i want other people to do my homework, just that i want some ideas to work with on my own aha
i also own love is a dog from hell and notes of a dirty old man, which contain some biographical tidbits, since thats what inspired buk the most. i have a feeling ill do well on this paper no matter which direction i go. that man is a likable character.

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