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I am currently reading "Charles Bukowski: Selected Letters 1958-1965".

And I just came across this prophetic observation he made about Nixon in a letter from November of 1962 (abbreviated by me).

"I am glad Nixon got pole-axed here in Calif. That man's face has been bothering me for a long time. It is a face of power. It is a face that attempts to say one thing in order to get by and yet it means something else altogether"...

Virgin Books Ltd.
(C)Charles Bukowski 1993, Linda Lee Bukowski 1995

Could any pundit/political-science major/Washington Post columnist/know-it-all-fucking-inside-source have called it any better ?

Wow - did he know how to read people. Too bad he wasn't around to warn us about our current CEO of the good old usa. But I digress.....
"I don't think people realise that
just because you're really good at something,
it doesn't make you a good person"

Sonny Barger

Dogdice...I just read that quote in Gonzo, HST's new biography. I'm about halfway through it and I am enjoying quite a bit.
you find these gems in the most unlikely places. I just thought it stood out as an honest thing to say & not many people in that book said it quite so well.

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